Project Location: Lowestoft Dock Service Tunnel, Suffolk

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Corrosion Protection of Steel with Cementitious Coating

Corrosion protection of cast steel segments.


Since construction in 1966, the cast steel segmental tunnel carrying the services beneath the entrance to Lowestoft harbour had become significantly corroded due to the leakage of both water and sewage.

The Client sought a practical refurbishment solution which could be effectively executed in the confined and difficult conditions.

The Solution

Cemprotec E942 was specified for this project – a 2mm epoxy and polymer modified cementitious coating with excellent adhesion to steel without the need for a priming system. Being water-based, the hazards associated with alternative solvent containing materials were avoided, which is an important advantage in an enclosed environment. Owing to the logistical challenges of this work, it was not possible to maintain Sa 2½ prior to the application, but unlike traditional coatings, the inherently alkaline nature of the Cemprotec E942 provides immediate passivation of any localised flash rusting on the surface. Cemprotec E942 is also tolerant of surface dampness and cures to a tough finish with excellent impact and abrasion resistance.


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