Project Location: West Bay, Bridport, Dorset

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Corrosion Protection Coating for Steel Sheet Piling at West Bay

Corrosion protection of steel sheet piling in a tidal zone.


Located between Dorchester and Lyme Regis, the West Bay harbour is constructed of Larssen sheet piles which are regularly under the assault of waves up to seven metres in height.

The existing coal tar epoxy had almost completely eroded leading to wide spread rusting and the situation was made worse through the microbiological activity which had also caused Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC).

The Solution

Cemprotec E942 was chosen because of its ability to cope with an ALWC affected substrate. After abrasive blast preparation, a 2mm film of E942 was applied directly to the piles in between tides and, whilst in the plastic state, the final finish was protected with Curing Membrane SB. Not only can Cemprotec E942 be applied onto a slightly damp surface, but it resists early immersion in seawater, making it the safe choice for work of this nature. Furthermore, being water-based it has very low environmental impact at the time of application and is inert once cured, forming a perfect barrier to the aggressive elements.


Dorset County Council


Stonbury Limited

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