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Rapid Reinstatement of Concrete Lining in South Wales

Rapid reinstatement of concrete lining to a canal.


Following draining down approximately 2km of the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal at Gilwern and Govilon, two sections of the concrete lining were found to have moved and cracked. A large hole was also found in the towpath wall close to Bridge 96.

The Solution

In order to ensure that the works were completed within a short timescale as the canal could not be taken out of service for long periods, Fastfill was chosen as the repair mortar. This rapid hardening, fibre reinforced, polymer modified repair mortar is based on Portland cement technology which cures to give reliable strength development and long-term durability due to its advanced shrinkage compensated formulation. The damaged areas were cut out, Fastfill, which sets in as little as 10 minutes, was applied and then the canal was re-filled.


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