Project Location: Hestskjæret Lighthouse, Norway

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Protection of walls on Hestskjæret Lighthouse

Monodex Coating Helps Combat Aggressive Weather Conditions, Sea Spray & Wave Action


Hestskjæret Lighthouse is located on the western coast of Norway. It overlooks the hazardous Hustadvika, a 10-nautical mile long section of coastline located in the shipping route between the towns of Molde and Kristiansund. The Norwegian coast is over 100,000km long and there are a total of 212 lighthouses along it. Hestskjæret Lighthouse used to be inhabitated, but it is now automated. It still remains an important landmark on the Norwegian coast, but is not visited very often due to its in accessibility.

The lighthouse was originally built in 1879 and over the years, the condition of the external walls had deteriorated significantly due to the hostile environment, aggressive weather conditions and constant attack from sea spray and wave action.

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Exceptional Protection from Flexcrete’s High Performance Coating

A high performance anti-carbonation coating based on Monodex technology was chosen for application to the external walls due to its proven ability to provide exceptional decorative protection worldwide in aggressive environments. Its single component nature and ease of application by brush, roller or airless spray were other important considerations due to the difficult location of the lighthouse. It is so remote and difficult to access that materials were supplied via helicopter.

The Monodex-based coating has an anticipated lifespan of up to 15 years and is designed to provide outstanding weatherproof protection whilst enhancing the general appearance of structures. It maintains an attractive finish throughout its long life span with minimal dirt retention and resistance to algal and fungal growth. It remains permanently elastomeric, even when subject to substrate and thermal movement, and tolerates prolonged exposure to UV light.

The coating is available in a range of both standard and special colours, including solar reflective options. For this project, the coating was specially matched to RAL 9010 Pure White.




Norsk Industrivern AS

(Photography supplied by Jan Helge Birkelund)

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Protection of external walls of Norwegian lighthouse.

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