Project Location: Budweiser Budvar Brewery, Czech Republic

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Hygienic refurbishment of internal walls and ceilings in three areas


Budweiser Budvar Brewery is located in the city of České Budějovice and has become one of the most successful breweries in the Czech Republic. Originally founded in 1895, the brewery is internationally renowned for brewing Budweiser Budvar lager which takes 102 days to brew and condition – about seven times longer than most beers. Budweiser Budvar Czech lager is now exported to almost 80 countries and the brewery itself is visited annually by around 50,000 tourists from all around the world.

A hygienic coating was required for application to the internal walls and ceilings in three areas of the brewery, comprising both new construction and refurbishment. The coating needed to be able to withstand extreme conditions such as high humidity and permanent washing down, as well as being able to combat mould growth from the presence of migrant yeasts and sugar particles present in the atmosphere during the brewing process. It was also important that the chosen coating was water-based to ensure that no hazardous solvents or heavy odour were released during the application.

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Hygiene Coating

Flexcrete products were selected as they have an excellent track record of providing hygienic protection in breweries throughout the Czech Republic. Biodex Wash, a powerful hygienic surface treatment, was first used to kill active micro-organisms before Bond-Prime was applied in areas where it was necessary to seal the surface.

Biodex HB, a waterborne, anti-microbial coating, was subsequently applied to the internal walls and ceilings due to its ability to actively combat the growth of bacteria, mould and yeasts. Formulated using state-of-the-art silver ion technology combined with the latest generation biocide technology, Biodex HB incorporates active in-film anti-microbial protection, allowing for the ultra-slow controlled release of active ingredients into the coating film throughout its long life span.

The waterborne nature of Biodex HB was an important consideration for this application, as the coating is low odour, non-tainting and non-hazardous with ultra low volatile organic content (VOC), so there was no threat of contamination from solvents or strong odour. Rapidly and easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray, Biodex HB was able to flow around pipework and other protrusions, providing a seamless finish with no joints or irregularities in which bacteria could otherwise thrive. With a durable, easy clean finish much thicker than conventional paints, Biodex HB can withstand intense cleaning regimes and extreme temperature changes without impaired performance or cracking. The coating is available in a range of attractive colours, including special colours, and white was chosen for this project.


Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation


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Corro Bohemia (Czech and Slovak Republics)

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Advanced hygienic coating for major brewery's internal walls and ceilings, able to combat mould growth and withstand both high humidity and permanent washing down.

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