Project Location: Old Craighall Junction, Lothian

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Concrete Reinstatement on Damaged Bridge Abutment

Reinstating Impact Damage on Concrete Bridge Abutment


After an articulated lorry had crashed into it, East Lothian Council needed to take fast action to repair severe damage to an abutment on the A1 truck road at the junction with the A720.

This is one of the main routes for heavy traffic between England and Scotland.

The Solution

The first priority was to remove the damaged concrete and inspect the condition of the steel reinforcement. At this early stage, although no corrosion had occurred, the precautionary measure of sheathing the rebars with flexible Steel Reinforcement Protector 841 was taken. It was then a case of filling the large void with Monomix, a polymer-modified, fibre-reinforced dense cement matrix. A structural grade mortar, Monomix can be built up to 80mm in a single application, even overhead. Without slumping It can also be easily profiled – a major benefit in this case – as the bridge abutment has a ribbed design which could easily be replicated in Monomix, giving the repair aesthetic as well as structural compatibility.


East Lothian Council