Project Location: BT Underground Tunnels, London

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Asbestos Encapsulation Inside BT Underground Tunnels in London

Asbestos encapsulation in underground service tunnels.


Despite placing an ever increasing reliance on modern wireless technology, beneath our major cities and towns there is still a maze of tunnels which were built during the 1950’s to carry vital telecommunication cables.

Designed to withstand a 20,000 tonne atom bomb, they were generally constructed from cast iron segments, although concrete was also used. At these depths, asbestos caulking was the favoured choice of the day to seal the joints between the segments without the realisation of the health risks which are now well recognised.

The Solution

To comply with current regulations for the control and encapsulation of asbestos, BT chose Cemprotec E942, a water-based coating which can be applied in confined spaces both to steel and concrete substrates. Cemprotec E942 cures even in humid conditions to provide a permanent, durable seal over the surface of the joints, preventing the release of fibres. Cemprotec E942 is applied in two brush coats as a bandage system, with excellent adhesion directly on to cast iron or concrete substrates with minimal surface preparation


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