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Cemprotec Clutch Filler

Mortar for Sealing the Surface Gap at the Interlock or Clutch between Piles Overview Cemprotec Clutch Filler is a uniquely formulated cementitious material for sealing the surface gap at the interlock or clutch between piles prior to the application of a Flexcrete cementitious anti-corrosion coating. Cemprotec Clutch Filler is a two component, water based, epoxy and cementitious… Read more

Cemprotec E942

Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Coating (EN 1504-02) Overview Cemprotec E942 incorporates the benefits of copolymer and epoxy resin technologies into a water based cementitious system to give a hard, durable coating with excellent resistance to water, chloride ions, oxygen and aggressive chemicals. Cemprotec E942 can be used as a stand-alone anti-corrosion coating for ferrous metals… Read more

Biodex Wash

Powerful Surface Treatment for use Prior to the Application of Primers, Coatings and Repair Mortars in the Flexcrete Range (HSE No. 9351) Biodex Wash Overview Flexcrete’s Biodex Wash is designed to kill active mould, fungal and bacterial spores and organisms such as moss, lichen and algae, prior to the application of primers, coatings and repair mortars… Read more

Cure-Seal WB

Water Based Curing Compound & Clear Sealer (BBA) Overview Cure-Seal WB is a non-degrading acrylic resin sealer which forms a clear, elastic, durable matrix on the surface of cementitious substrates. When used as a curing membrane on Flexcrete mortars and coatings, it conforms to the requirements for water retention given in ASTM C309. It can… Read more

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Asbestos Caulked Joint Encapsulation in Central London

Encapsulation of asbestos-caulked joints and coating of precast concrete segments totalling 4,000m2 Background The Hanger Lane Underpass is situated in one of the most congested areas of west London. Comprising a dual two-lane road tunnel, it carries the A40 beneath the A406, otherwise known as the North Circular Road which crosses north London, linking the… Read more

Asbestos Encapsulation Inside BT Underground Tunnels in London

Asbestos encapsulation in underground service tunnels. Background Despite placing an ever increasing reliance on modern wireless technology, beneath our major cities and towns there is still a maze of tunnels which were built during the 1950’s to carry vital telecommunication cables. Designed to withstand a 20,000 tonne atom bomb, they were generally constructed from cast iron… Read more

Asbestos Encapsulation in Kingsway Tunnel Invert

Asbestos encapsulation between precast segments. Background The newest of the two road tunnels running beneath the River Mersey, the 2.2 kilometre long Kingsway dates from the early 1970’s. The tunnel bore is lined by precast concrete segments and the joints were sealed with a caulking material found to contain asbestos. With the passage of time,… Read more