Project Location: Reading Sewage Treatment Works

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Waterproofing of Tie Holes on Reinforced Concrete Digester Tanks

Waterproof Sealing of Tie Holes on Egg-Shaped Reinforced Concrete Digester Tanks


Designed in compliance with the latest EU standards on effluent and sludge treatment and built at a cost of £80 million, the new Reading Sewage Treatment Works is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Britain.

The cast in-situ egg-shaped, reinforced concrete anaerobic digesters are the first of their type to be built in the UK. On stripping the forms, a series of cone shaped voids are left from the support ties, which require sealing to ensure a watertight structure is achieved.

The Solution

Effective waterproofing and sealing of the tie holes involved in excess of 13,000 kg of Tiefill. An advanced Portland cement-based mortar formulation which is factory batched and supplied in convenient packs, Tiefill is supplied with a measuring kit for accurate proportioning on site. Simply mixed with clean water, Tiefill blends to a smooth consistency which is easy to finish with a trowel. Tiefill is waterproof when tested under a 10 bar pressure, and it also benefits from WRAS approval for use in the clean water industry.


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