Project Location: Valio Production Plant, Turenki, Finland

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Hygiene Coatings for Finland's Largest Milk Producer

Hygienic coating applied on ceilings, beams and internal walls.


With 15 production plants across Finland, Valio is the country’s biggest milk producer and is largely known for its range of dairy products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter.

At Valio’s production plant in Turenki, Southern Finland, a total of 46 million litres of UHT milk, cream and cooking products are manufactured. In 2012, Valio re-entered the Finnish baby food market, launching a range of ready-made porridges produced at the Turenki plant. To enable the new manufacturing processes, the premises needed to be refurbished and hygiene coatings were required for the ceilings, beams and wall areas.

The Solution

Two hygiene coatings from Flexcrete’s Biodex range were chosen for this project as they could be rapidly applied over existing substrates to confer a seamless, easy clean finish with effective anti-microbial protection. Biodex HB, a high build, elastomeric, biostatic coating, was used as the first coat due to its ability to bridge hairline cracks, and the surface was overcoated with Biodex Sheen to ensure a tough, sheen finish. Both coatings are waterborne, non-leaching and non-toxic – a crucial consideration in this project as manufacturing processes were still being undertaken during the refurbishment.

The Biodex coatings are rapid curing and two coats can be applied in a single working day, so disruption was kept to an absolute minimum. They inhibit the spread of harmful bacteria through an innovative combination of encapsulated in-film protectant and silver ions. The Biodex coatings are available in a range of standard colours, with special colours manufactured on request.


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