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Chemical Attack & Cementitious Coatings for Concrete Repair & Protection

Concrete deterioration exists on a global scale and can severely affect the durability of reinforced concrete structures. The primary causes of chemical attack on concrete include chloride ion penetration, sulphate attack and carbonation, but technical advances in cementitious coating technology have allowed extended service life solutions to be implemented. A major cause of damage to… Read more

Extending the durability of reinforced concrete

In the April edition of Concrete Magazine, Chris Lloyd looks at how to extend the durability of reinforced concrete in chloride-laden environments. Chloride attack is one of the most important factors when considering the durability of reinforced concrete, especially for structures in marine, highways and other chloride-laden environments. Chloride attack leads to the aggressive corrosion of steel… Read more

Flexcrete’s 851 Coating Stands the Test of Time for 28 Years

Effectively Combatting Chloride Attack Chloride attack is one of the primary causes of damage on reinforced concrete structures and independent tests have confirmed that Flexcrete’s Cementitious Coating 851 provides an effective barrier to chlorides for at least 28 years. In 1988, a 2mm thick film of Cementitious Coating 851 was applied to a concrete slice… Read more