Project Location: Swanland Water Tower, East Riding of Yorkshire

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Roof Waterproofing and Repairs at Swanland Water Tower

Waterproofing of concrete roof and repair to internal soffit beams.


The deterioration in the condition of the Swanland Water Tower required the use of a range of materials to bring the structure up to standard following leakage of rainwater through the roof section causing corrosion.

The Solution

Given the diverse nature of the damage, it was important to specify a system with compatible components, and the extensive range of cement-based products from Flexcrete was chosen. After cutting back to a sound core, Steel Reinforcement Protector 841 was applied as a 2mm layer to passivate and provide a defence against further corrosion. The cover was then replaced with Monomix, a shrinkage compensated waterproof mortar with rapid curing characteristics. The surrounding surfaces were then brought up to a fair faced finish with Monolevel 844SP which is applied either by float or bag-rubbing technique. To complete the waterproofing, a 2mm layer of Cementitious Coating 851 was applied by spray equipment to form a dense skin equal to casting an extra metre of concrete cover.


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