Project Location: Eastbourne Sewage Treatment Works, West Sussex

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Repair and Protection of Concrete Tanks Suffering From Chemical Attack at Eastbourne Sewage Treatment Works

Repair and protection of underground concrete outfall tank suffering from chemical attack.


Southern Water operates 400 sewage treatment works and their facility, located on the outskirts of Eastbourne, was constructed in 1990.

The reinforced concrete of the underground outfall tank was failing due to acidic and bacterial attack above the water line, necessitating a remedial programme.

The Solution

In deciding upon a remedial solution, one of the requirements was to provide a high degree of chemical resistance for the concrete with a system which could be applied onto damp surfaces. Effective preparation was carried out with high pressure water following which all surface imperfections and blow holes were filled with Monolevel 844SP, a cement-based polymer modified and fibre reinforced fairing coat. Monolevel 844SP is both quick to apply and highly economical in use as bag-rubbing technique is used. This creates an ideal surface to support a 2mm coating of Cemprotec E942, an advanced epoxy cementitious hybrid coating with excellent resistance to chemicals which would typically threaten the integrity of concrete.


Southern Water


GPB (Mastics) Limited