Project Location: Frankley Reservoir

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Concrete Repair and Waterproofing of Frankley Reservoir

Repair and waterproofing of one of the UK’s largest storage reservoirs.


Frankley Water Treatment works is situated at the end of pipelines that run over 73 miles from the Elan and Claerwen Valleys bringing water to supply Birmingham and surrounding areas.

The underground reservoir used to store the treated water, like so many elements of the UK’s ageing water infrastructure, had begun to show signs of cracking and leaking through the walls and floor slab. Columns too were suffering damage due to water ingress and reinforcement corrosion.

The Solution

Areas of damaged concrete were cut back to a sound core and filled using Monomix – a high strength polymer modified repair mortar to reinstate cover and restore structural integrity. Monolevel 844SP was applied to the columns to consolidate the surface prior to the spray application of two x 1mm coats of Cementitious Coating 851. This dense impermeable coating provides a barrier to water, which is equivalent to 1m of structural concrete. The above products all have Regulations 31 Approval for use in contact with drinking water.


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