Project Location: Barmac Fabrication Yard, Scotland

Posted on in the category Concrete Repair, Enhanced Durability for Concrete & Steel, Coastal Structures.

Reinstatement of Concrete Cover on Gravity Tank

Reinstatement of Cover on 120,000,000 Gallon Gravity Tank


Slip form methods were used to construct this new reinforced concrete gravity tank and tower which was destined to find its home on the sea bed.

The design was intended to provide the required durability in the harsh environment – permanently immersed in seawater. However, quality checks revealed deficiencies in the planned cover, and a remedial solution was needed to ensure the long term performance.

The Solution

Cementitious Coating 851 is applied directly on to green concrete, a standard 2mm layer curing to provide the equivalent of 100mm of additional concrete cover. Furthermore, the water permeability of 851 is such that the 2mm application is as waterproof as roughly 100mm of typical concrete. 851 also acts as an outstanding barrier to chlorides, independently verified by Taylor Woodrow Technology in a long term chloride ion diffusion test. 851 is a highly cost-effective way of reinstating cover for new and existing constructions, with the added advantage of excellent barrier properties to oxygen and acidic gases.


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