Project Location: Middlewood Locks, Salford

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Reinstatement of Concrete Cover on Canal Lock

Reinstatement of Cover to Steel Reinforcement


Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal was used to transport coal from the local mines until it was closed in 1961. Now the centrepiece of major regeneration project, the Middlewood Lock, one of seventeen on the canal, has been reconstructed.

Prior to the opening of this section of the canal, the client wanted to enhance the effective concrete cover to the steel reinforcement to ensure the design life was met. Also, to prevent damage from boats passing through the lock, excellent abrasion and impact resistance were required from a product which had to be easy to maintain.

The Solution

Following investigations by the engineer and contractor Cemprotec E942, a high performance epoxy and polymer modified cementitious coating was approved. Applied by simple brush techniques in two layers, this coating provides up to 100mm of equivalent concrete cover from a standard 2mm thick application, as well as having the necessary mechanical properties to ensure a long service life. To prepare the substrate for coating, any surface defects were filled with Monolevel 844SP which produces an engineering grade fair-faced finish.


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