Project Location: Lochaber Smelter, Fort William, Scotland

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Protection of Steel Water Pipes Against Rusting

External protection of steel water pipes totalling 1500m².


Alcan’s aluminium smelter in Fort William relies on the supply of cooling water which is collected in a hillside reservoir with delivery to the plant through a series of large bore pipes.

Owing to the exposed location, the existing paint had suffered failure with extensive rusting evident.

The Solution

One of the key challenges in the material selection was the constant condensation of water on the steel surfaces and the related limitations on surface preparation. Cemprotec E942 was specified as it can tolerate residual surface moisture, and bond to the substrate was not hindered by the inevitable flash rusting which quickly occurred after completion of the wet blast preparation which removed the existing failed paint. Cemprotec E942 was shown to be a match for the application criteria, and spray equipment was used to apply the two 1mm coats, forming a tough waterproof protective layer which acts as a defence against oxygen ingress. For this project, the E942 was supplied in a special green colour to blend into the rural background.


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