Project Location: Nordic Sugar Plant

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Hygienic Coatings Provides Protection at Nordic Sugar Plant

Hygienic coatings protect production and storage areas.


Nordic Sugar is the leading sugar supplier in Northern Europe and part of German-based Nordzucker Group. The company produces almost 1 million tonnes of sugar each year from its processing plants in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania. Sugars are produced for the industrial, retail and food service sectors, as well as animal feed products.
Nordic Sugar has a large factory in Örtofta, Sweden, which is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the busy production season. Nordic Sugar Örtofta is one of the largest and most efficient sugar-producing facilities in Europe. It is critical that the sugar plant is constantly maintained in a hygienic condition and during a refurbishment of the production and storage areas, an anti-microbial coating was required for the protection and decoration of the internal walls and ceilings.

The Solution

Due to the nature of the environment, it was absolutely critical that the chosen product would not taint foodstuffs during application. Biodex HB – a high build, waterborne, matt finish, resin-rich biostatic coating – was chosen for the refurbishment work as it is non-leaching and non-toxic, so is totally safe to use in food processing environments. It was also specified on the basis of its ability to provide a totally seamless, easy clean finish with effective anti-microbial protection. Formulated using state-of-the-art silver ion technology combined with the latest generation biocide technology, Biodex HB incorporates active in-film protection, allowing for the ultra-slow controlled release of active ingredients into the coating film throughout its long life span. It is proven to combat the growth of a wide range of mould, fungus and bacteria – including E.coli, Aspergillus and Penicillium. Biodex HB is elastomeric and vapour permeable and won’t crack or flake even when subjected to condensation, steam cleaning, substrate movement or extreme temperature changes.


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