Project Location: Asian Hospital & Medical Center, Philippines

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Hygienic coating for decorative protection with an innovative, non-leaching biostatic formula.

Decorative protection with an innovative, non-leaching biostatic hygienic coating.


Asian Hospital and Medical Center is a 217 bed, private hospital opened in 2002. It has over 900 employees and 160 outsourced staff, all of whom are trained to provide the highest standards of personalised patient care.

The facility boasts an ambience that is hotel-like, and the wealthier patients will benefit from pampering in fully equipped 5 star suites. With the objective of creating a healing environment that brings you as close as possible to the comforts of your own home, the management see infection control as high on their list of priorities.

The Solution

To minimise the spread of HAI’s (hospital acquired infections), instead of regular paint on which bacteria will breed, a modern biostatic coating is used. Biodex Sheen is a decorative, elastomeric membrane that breathes to release substrate moisture and flexes to prevent cracking when movement occurs. It contains a unique combination of proven germ-resisting silver ion technology together with the latest encapsulated active ingredients. Biodex Sheen is designed to withstand regular cleaning and it will not lose its efficacy over a long service life.


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