Project Location: El Galleon Beach Resort, Philippines

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Hygienic Coating for Internal Walls and Ceilings of Restaurant

Hygienic protection of walls and ceilings with an advanced biostatic coating.


Once a small fishing village, Puerto Galera is now the premier scuba diving location in the Philippines and home to the five star El Galleon Beach Resort. The resort boasts more varieties of fish than can be found in the entire Red Sea, as well as a greater variety of corals than in the Great Barrier Reef, so El Galleon and its Dive School attracts visitors from all around the world.

El Galleon has a restaurant which extends to the water’s edge and an effective refurbishment solution was required for the walls and ceilings of both the kitchen and restaurant areas. Puerto Galera has a humid, tropical climate with high temperatures in the Summer months, so it was important that the chosen wall and ceiling covering could withstand the extreme conditions and provide effective hygienic protection for many years.

The Solution

Biodex HB – a high build, matt finish, biostatic hygienic coating with encapsulated biocide and silver ion technology – was specified for use at El Galleon as it could be safely applied over the existing painted surface to provide a hygienic, seamless, easy clean finish. The hygienic anti-bacterial coating is elastomeric and vapour permeable, so doesn’t crack or flake when subjected to condensation or temperature changes and allows for moisture vapour release – an important consideration in this project. It also affords excellent adhesion to the existing substrate, requires no primer and remains unaffected in conditions of elevated humidity. Biodex HB is proven to combat against the growth of mould, bacteria and yeasts, slowly releasing biocidal ingredients into the coating film, and because it is waterborne and non-toxic, it could be safely applied in the kitchen and restaurant areas with no hazards to the guests in the resort. Down-time was kept to an absolute minimum and the restaurant was up and running within 24 hours of application of the coating.


El Galleon Dive Resort & Hotel


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