Project Location: Two Meat Manufacturing Plants in Sweden

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Flexcrete's anti-microbial coatings provide hygienic protection of internal walls at HKScan’s meat processing plants in Kristianstad & Linköping, Sweden.

Hygienic protection of areas totalling more than 2,000m² at Kristianstad and Linköping plants


HKScan is one of the leading Nordic meat manufacturers, supplying a wide range of pork, beef and poultry products to its home markets of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the Baltic countries. The firm employs 7,700 people across several manufacturing facilities and in 2014 the company’s turnover reached 2 billion Euros. Sweden is a core market for HKScan and the company is the market leader in the meat industry with its Scan and Pärsons product lines.

In 2014, HKScan put plans into place to improve operational efficiencies by developing its structure in Sweden. Production was centralised and integrated at four key locations in Kristianstad, Linköping, Halmstad and Skara. More jobs were created at the Kristianstad and Linköping plants and major refurbishment was carried out to accommodate new production processes.

The Solution

Two of Flexcrete’s water-based anti-microbial coatingsBiodex Sheen and Biodex HB – were specified for application to the internal wall areas due to their proven ability to offer a defence mechanism against the growth of mould and bacteria, including E.coli. Formulated using state-of-the-art silver ion technology combined with the latest generation biocide technology, Biodex hygiene coatings incorporate active in-film protection, allowing for the ultra-slow controlled release of active ingredients into the coating film.

Biodex coatings are ideal for use in meat processing plants as they can withstand sustained exposure to extremely cold conditions without cracking or embrittling, whilst also being able to withstand high humidity and hot temperatures from steam cleaning. They are vapour permeable, allowing the surface to breathe, and can be rapidly applied by brush, roller or spray so the very minimum of disruption is caused during application.

The waterborne composition of Biodex was critical for this project as the coatings are non-toxic, ultra-low odour and release no hazardous solvents during application, so there was no threat of contamination of food products. A surface area of 1,500m² was refurbished with Biodex at the Linköping plant and 700m² was treated at Kristianstad. The Biodex coatings are available in a range of attractive colours, of which white was chosen for this contract.


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