Project Location: Miramar, Grange-over-Sands

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Flexcrete's decorative exterior wall coating Monodex Smooth gives weatherproof, anti-carbonation protection on apartments located close to the seafront.

Exterior Wall Coating Provides Decorative Protection


Miramar is a large property which has been converted into nine luxury apartments in Grange-over-Sands. It was originally constructed by local developers Priory Building back in 2002.

The owners wanted to enhance the external appearance of the property whilst providing effective weatherproof, anti-carbonation protection. Miramar is located close to the seafront, so it was important that the chosen coating was able to protect against chloride attack and the elements.

The Solution

Monodex Smooth was chosen for application to the external walls of Miramar due to its long-standing track record of use on buildings to provide protection against carbon dioxide diffusion and water ingress, and its 15 year design life before first maintenance. The fact that Monodex Smooth is backed by CE marking in accordance with BS EN 1504, the pan European standard for surface protection systems for concrete, was also an important factor in the coating specification.

As well as enhancing the outside appearance of Miramar for many years, Monodex Smooth offered a number of additional benefits. Due to its water-based, non-hazardous nature, it does not release strong odour or solvents during application so there was no disruption to residents living in the apartments. It is also rapidly and easily applied by brush, roller or spray and with a fast-drying formulation, two coats can be applied on the same day even in inclement weather conditions, so the work could be carried out quickly and conveniently.

Monodex Smooth is available in a range of attractive colours as standard, of which white was chosen for Miramar. The coating has an encapsulated biocide inhibiting the growth of unsightly mould, mildew and lichens, ensuring it maintains a long-lasting attractive appearance.


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