Project Location: Cameron Mansions, Hong Kong

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Decorative Roofing Membrane Protects Cameron Mansions in Hong Kong

Protection of roof and wall areas totalling 1,500m².


Cameron Mansions is an exclusive residential address in Hong Kong occupying a stunning hilltop position. Comprising a total of 18 luxury apartments arranged in four low rise blocks, Cameron Mansions commands impressive 360-degree panoramic views across the island of Hong Kong. The building is of historical importance as it stands on the foundations of the Japanese War Memorial which was built to honour those who died in the battle of Hong Kong. The War Memorial was demolished in 1947 and Cameron Mansions was constructed on the memorial’s foundations and established as private residences in 1951.

Due to the harsh climate in Hong Kong, with high temperatures, humid conditions and heavy rainfall, the existing roofing membrane at Cameron Mansions had deteriorated and an effective roof refurbishment solution was sought. The owners were also seeking to renovate the external walls with a high performance, weatherproof coating solution, matched to the distinctive yellow colour which makes the building stand out prominently in its local surroundings.

The Solution

Roofdex HB, a waterborne, high build, cold fluid applied liquid roofing membrane system, was specified for application to the roof areas due to its ability to provide total, seamless weatherproof protection for many years. Ideal for application in extreme climates, it maintains a wet edge even in direct sunlight and withstands extreme temperatures from -50°C. to +80°C. without deterioration.

As it is water-based and rapidly and easily applied by roller, brush or airless spray in a cold, fluid form, Roofdex HB poses no fire risks, and because it is odourless with no hazardous solvents used at any stage during application, there was absolutely no disruption to residents during the roof refurbishment. For this roofing project, Roofdex HB was specified in solar reflective light grey to reduce energy consumption by lowering heat gain from direct sunlight.

So versatile is Roofdex HB that it was also chosen for application to the external walls at Cameron Mansions. Roofdex HB incorporates unique in-film protection, providing excellent resistance to algae and other biofilm attack, so it maintains a bright, clean appearance throughout its design life. A special yellow colour was created for the external walls to match the existing colour.


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