Project Location: Flotation Unit, Argentina

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Corrosion Protection of Metal Flotation Unit with E942

Corrosion protection of metal flotation unit.


Mera S.A. works extensively with oil and gas companies in Argentina. They have special expertise in coating technology and were very keen that Tecpetrol should have the opportunity to evaluate Flexcrete’s thin film cementitious anti-corrosive coating, Cemprotec E942 as an alternative to the more traditional finishes with which they were already familiar.

The Solution

Tecpetrol agreed that Mera S.A. should partially treat a flotation unit with Cemprotec E942. A key element in the petroleum cleaning process, these metal units are exposed to the elements and vulnerable to corrosion. Cemprotec E942 was applied in two 1mm coats directly to the selected flanges and lids using a Graco Xtreme 68:1 spray unit. The remainder of the unit received a solvent based high build epoxy finish. Cemprotec E942 was of particular interest because it requires minimal surface preparation whilst offering long-term anti-corrosive protection and excellent chemical resistance. Tecpetrol will monitor the performance with interest.


Tecpetrol, Argentina


Mera S.A.