Project Location: London Road Shunt Tunnel, London

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Corrosion Protection for London Road Shunt Tunnel

Coating of cast iron shunt tunnel lining.


The London Road Depot was opened in 1906 as the maintenance facility for the original Baker Street and Waterloo Railway, now known as the Bakerloo Line on London Underground.

Capable of accommodating up to 10 trains, it uses this short shunt neck tunnel to manoeuvre them. Located beneath St George’s RC Cathedral, it consists of 176 bolted cast iron rings with an internal diameter of 3.81m. A survey had revealed the segments to be good condition, but a suitable coating was required to guarantee long term protection.

The Solution

Acting on behalf of London Underground, Metronet approved the use of Cemprotec E942 as a cost effective yet environmentally friendly solution. With strict limitations on working hours and tight control on the use of hazardous products and processes, E942 provides innovative stand alone corrosion protection in demanding service conditions. After removing loose rust from the surface, specialist contractor, Quickseal spray applied the Cemprotec E942 in two 1mm coats using a PowerSpray PS 1000 pump direct to the cast iron, rapidly passivating the surface and stifling further corrosion.


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