Project Location: Culzean Castle, South Ayrshire

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Concrete Repairs and Waterproof Protection for Fountain

Concrete repairs to ornamental fountain to prevent water loss due to deterioration and crack formation (200m²). All over waterproof coating.


Culzean Castle, one of Robert Adam’s finest creations, is a major attraction on the Ayrshire coast in Scotland.

Maintained by The National Trust for Scotland, the fine gardens include an ornamental stone fountain set in a concrete basin. Repairs were needed urgently to prevent water loss due to deterioration and crack formation.

The Solution

After considering the options, The National Trust for Scotland chose to use a suite of compatible cementitious products from Flexcrete. Repairs to the perimeter wall were carried out with Monolite, a lightweight, high build, hand-placed repair mortar as well as Monolevel 844SP – an engineering quality fairing coat which easily fills all the surface defects and cavities. Finally, in order to fully waterproof the entire structure, Cementitious Coating 851 – an advanced coating with excellent waterproofing properties was applied to the base slab and walls. This product offers a high level of protection against the effects of freeze-thaw cycles. In areas where the concrete was cracked, a glass fibre scrim was added to reinforce the coating.


The National Trust for Scotland