Project Location: Northern Ireland Reservoirs

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Concrete Repair and Protection of Northern Ireland Reservoirs

Concrete repair and protection of reservoirs suffering from soft water attack.


Northern Ireland Framework Rehabilitation Programme 2007 onwards (see Project Profile PDF for locations)


General deterioration over many years and lack of cover to the reinforcement had led to isolated areas of decay in the concrete.

In some reservoirs this was exacerbated by the presence of slightly acid soft water from the peat catchment areas. Extremely aggressive towards concrete, this caused the cement matrix to soften, creating an exposed aggregate surface.

The Solution

Decayed concrete was repaired using Steel Reinforcement Protector 841, Monomix and Monolevel 844SP. 844SP was spray-applied over the rough aggregate finish, then rubbed with a sponge to level between the high points of the aggregate, resulting in a superb mechanical key for Cementitious Coating 851 as the final waterproofing layer. 851 also provided effective concrete cover to steel reinforcement on the soffits and roofs of several reservoirs as well as chemical resistance to soft moorland water. These products have passed the exacting demands of The Drinking Water Inspectorate and are approved under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000.


Department of Regional Development Water Department, Northern Ireland