Project Location: St. Crispin's Public Convenience, Norwich

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St Crispin’s Public Convenience, Norwich

Repair and corrosion protection of the oldest pre-cast concrete structure of its type in the UK.


Believed to be the oldest precast structure of its type in the U.K., Norwich City Council did not let the function of this building compromise the need to preserve its heritage value.

They insisted on the renovation work blending in with the original weathered effect and matching as closely as possible the existing colour without the use of an overall coating. There was also the added difficulty of recreating a pattern in the surface that is on more than one plane.

The Solution

In the end, there was only one solution and Flexcrete’s Monolite was chosen to repair the areas of spalled concrete. Monolite’s unique low density, polymer-rich properties enabled all the repairs to be achieved within the specified sympathetic, invisible manner. To help halt the progression of any further spalling, the structure was coated prior to repair with Cemprotec MCI® 2020, specially formulated to migrate into concrete by liquid and vapour diffusion to form a protective layer around the reinforcement. Importantly for the Council, who have used Flexcrete’s products on other heritage buildings, it has minimal effect on surface appearance.


Norwich City Council