Project Location: Battle Waste Water Treatment Works, East Sussex

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 Concrete Reinstatement and Protection Against Aggressive Chemicals at Waste Water Treatment Works

Repair and chemical resistant lining to primary settlement and humus tanks.


With close to 400 waste water treatment works under its control, Southern Water has a duty to process and recycle the dirty water from around two million households.

Having been in service since the 1960’s the primary settlement and humus tanks at the Battle facility had been subjected to attack from the cocktail of aggressive chemicals.

The Solution

Such was the extent of the damage that a full range of repair materials was needed to reinstate the integrity of the plant. Firstly, a fairing coat of Monolevel 844SP was used to level the degraded concrete, leaving a surface suitable for coating. Where large voids were present, Monolite was chosen for its high build, shrinkage compensated properties. Cracks were reinforced with Cemprotec Scrim embedded into a wet coat of Cemprotec E942 which was then applied overall as the final 2mm protective coating system. Cemprotec E942 is recognised for its outstanding waterproof performance and chemical resistant characteristics, significantly increasing the effective cover to the steel reinforcement.


Southern Water


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