Project Location: Mascioni, Cuvio, Italy

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Lining of waste water treatment tanks, Mascioni, Cuvio, Italy

Chemical resistant lining of concrete waste water treatment tanks used in the textile industry.


As one of the world’s leading fabric finishing companies, Mascioni faces a large number of maintenance problems at its 45 hectare facility in Cuvio.

One of the main challenges is the deterioration of the large waste water tanks holding waste water from processes associated with the textile industry.

The Solution

To combat the attack from the corrosive acidic chemicals, a resilient lining offering a degree of flexibility was required. One of the criteria to be met involved installation over damp surfaces and this was one of the determining factors in the coating selection. The surfaces were prepared by high pressure water lancing, which is ideal as the concrete should be left saturated, but surface dry, immediately before application. The specified system incorporated two 1mm coats of Cementitious Coating 851 which were applied, by spray over larger areas, or alternatively by brush techniques over smaller areas. The resultant finish provides highly durable protection for the concrete, conferring a similar level of waterproofing to an extra metre of freshly cast concrete.


Mascioni, Cuvio, Italy