Project Location: Matco Thames, Belfast

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Corrosion Protection Coating for Ballast Tanks

Corrosion protection on ballast tanks.


The Matco Thames was scheduled for major refurbishment in the Harland & Wolff Shipyard which dominates the Belfast skyline.

In advance of the work starting, the Client considered alternative modern technologies for the lining of the ballast tanks following repeated failures with traditionally used materials. It was felt that the recent practice of using epoxy systems, and particularly cold tar epoxies, was outdated, especially in view of the health and safety implications.

The Solution

The Client approved an environmentally friendly solution with Cemprotec E942, an epoxy and polymer modified coating which is water based and which is applied directly onto a steel surface. Sa2½ is not required, and provided loose oxides are removed, the E942 will achieve excellent bond, rapidly passivating the surface due to its high alkalinity. E942 cures even in highly humid conditions to form a tough protective layer which will withstand abrasion and mechanical damage. E942 is a proven barrier to chlorides and is totally waterproof.


Mobil Shipping Co Ltd


Harland & Wolff Shipyard