Project Location: Beverage Manufacturing Plant, Taiwan

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Flexcrete's hygienic coating Biodex Sheen provides hygiene protection against mould growth in internal areas in Beverage Manufacturing Plant, Taiwan.

Hygienic coating for protection of 10,000m2 of internal areas.


Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer and distributor of beer, wine and tobacco products. The company operates a total of nine wineries and distilleries and three breweries in Taiwan, as well as cigarette production facilities. The company distributes its products through more than 40,000 sales outlets, including supermarkets, distribution centres, vending machines, street sellers and duty free stores at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport.

As Taiwan’s largest alcoholic beverage producer, Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation sells more than 5 million cases of beer and wine each year. The company’s most famous products include the award-winning Taiwan Beer and Long Life cigarettes, and other products include Japanese style liqueurs, Chinese herb liqueurs and distilled spirits. The firm primarily sells its products in Taiwan but a number of brands are sold internationally with major markets including Japan and the United States.

The Solution

Due to the constant presence of migrant yeasts and sugar particles in the atmosphere at one of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation’s manufacturing plants, the internal wall and ceiling areas around the vats had become highly susceptible to mould growth. Following thorough cleaning and preparation, Biodex Sheen, a high performance, water-based, anti-microbial coating, was used to provide a total seamless finish with active yet encapsulated protection against the growth of mould, bacteria and yeasts. As well as the vat areas, Biodex Sheen was also used in several other areas such as the walls and ceilings in the cold store facilities.

The waterborne nature of Biodex Sheen was absolutely critical for this project, as the hygienic coating could be rapidly and safely applied without any risk of contamination as it is non-toxic, non-leaching and non-tainting. Two coats can be applied in a single working day using standard painting techniques, so disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. Once in service, Biodex Sheen is very resilient and is able to withstand conditions of high humidity and extreme temperature changes without cracking or flaking. Biodex Sheen is available in a range of attractive colours, of which white was chosen for this project.


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