Project Location: Major Supermarket, Japan

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Biodex Sheen Hygiene Coating Protects Supermarket in Japan

Hygiene coating for refurbishment of the ceiling area, comprising over 200m².


An effective refurbishment solution was required for the 200m² ceiling area of this supermarket in Japan. The demands of the project were high, as mould spores were clearly visible throughout the ceiling. It was also essential that the refurbishment coating could withstand application in hot, humid conditions, as many standard paints or coatings fail to cure properly in such an onerous environment.

This application was carried out in September when day time temperatures are often still well over 30°C. and night time temperatures only drop marginally, remaining as high as 25°C. The work was carried out at night time to cause minimal disruption to the normal running of the supermarket. It was also crucial that the chosen refurbishment coating could be safely applied in food handling environments without fear of tainting food products in close proximity or releasing strong odours or hazardous solvents.

The Solution

Biodex Sheen, a tough, waterborne, hygiene coating incorporating advanced biocide and silver ion technology, was chosen for this application as it actively prevents the growth of mould, bacteria and yeasts and because it is water-based, non-toxic and non-tainting, it is ideal for application in food handling and preparation areas. It is also virtually odourless during application.

Due to the existing mould growth, the whole ceiling area was first treated with Biodex Wash, a powerful surface treatment which instantly kills active mould, fungal and bacterial spores. Biodex Wash actually remains active after its initial application, guarding against subsequent infection for up to two years. Biodex Sheen was subsequently applied in two coats; it is rapidly and easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray and two coats can be applied in a single day, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption. Biodex Sheen has an attractive sheen finish and is available in a range of colours, of which white was chosen for this project.


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