Project Location: Stavanger Airport, Stavanger, Norway

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Anti-Carbonation Coating Provides Protection for New Multi-Storey Car Park at Stavanger Airport

Increasing the effective cover to embedded steel reinforcement.


Opened in May 1937 by King Haakon VII, Stavanger Airport at Sola in the south west corner of Norway was the second airfield in Europe to be built with a concrete runway.

With the discovery of North Sea oil during the 1960’s, air traffic grew at a rapid rate and a second passenger terminal was dedicated to helicopter traffic. To handle increasing demand, a significant investment has recently been made to extend all the facilities with close attention being paid to quality and durability during construction.

The Solution

For the new multi-storey concrete car park, the engineers concluded that it would be beneficial to enhance the effective cover to the embedded steel reinforcement. In order to achieve this, a two coat application of Monodex Ultra was specified because the standard thickness of 130 microns provides protection equal to 50 centimetres of normal concrete. With excellent opacity and easy application by brush, roller or airless spray, a high quality finish is quickly achieved with two coats applied during the same day. Monodex Ultra anti-carbonation coating is a proven barrier to CO2 and is suitable for internal and external use.


Avinor AS, Gardermoen, Norway


Industrivern AS, Sola, Norway


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