Project Location: Nava Group Meat Processing Factory, Italy

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Anti-Carbonation Coating Protects Nava Group Meat Processing Factory

Decorative weatherproofing and protection from carbonation.


Originally established in 1976, the Nava Group Spa abattoir is located in the Province of Monza e Brianza in the Lombardy region, some 20km to the north east of Milan.

Although the Lombardy region is recognised for its natural beauty, building owners recognise the need to protect structures not only from carbon dioxide ingress which causes carbonation, but also from the damaging effects of freeze thaw cycles during the harsh winters.

The Solution

Having committed to a major refurbishment project, the Client was determined to protect the buildings with a high performance anti-carbonation coating which offered the added benefit of being economic. After complete cleaning with high pressure jet washing, all wall areas were treated with a roller application of Bond-Prime to consolidate and seal the surfaces in readiness for the protective anti-carbonation coating. This was followed by two roller coats of Monodex Ultra which was supplied in a special shade of grey. Even though the installation is the same as a normal paint, the building gains protection equal to an additional 50cm of concrete.


Nava Group Spa, Agrate Brianza 20041, Italy


Rivestimenti Speciali Srl, 24-21100 Varese, Italy