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Flexcrete coatings are specified all around the globe in hostile conditions and in one of the latest examples, Monodex Smooth has been chosen for application to a building on an oil supply base in Tananger, Norway, located just 1.5 nautical miles from the mouth of the North Sea.

Monodex Smooth, a highly advanced, water-based, weatherproof coating, has been applied to the external walls of a building operated by Swire Oilfield Services, the world’s largest producer of specialist offshore cargo carrying units and a leading supplier of modular systems, offshore aviation services and onshore services. Operating in over 30 countries with staff working from bases all around the globe, Swire has a presence in all major oil and gas regions with large operations in Northern Europe, North America, Africa, Asia Pacific and Brazil.

Swire is one of NorSea Group’s biggest customers and occupies a large building on NorSea’s supply base in Tananger which supports oil activity in the Southern part of the North Sea. The Swire building contains offices, workshops, technical rooms, warehousing and facilities for sandblasting and painting, providing an ideal base for supplying custom made containers for offshore operations. A decorative yet protective finish was required for the building’s external walls to enhance its appearance whilst being able to withstand the harsh climatic conditions near the North Sea.

Monodex Smooth was specified due to its ability to provide effective protection against the elements for at least 15 years.  As Monodex Smooth is waterborne, it has ultra-low VOC levels and minimal odour, so could be safely applied; it is also exceptionally rapid drying, allowing two coat applications on the same day. It provides outstanding protection against water ingress, resists the growth of mould and fungi and is extremely elastomeric, so is able to withstand movement without cracking or flaking. A vital consideration for this project was the fact that special colours could be created, as the architect wanted to replicate Swire’s corporate colours. Swire red was specifically manufactured for this project and a complimentary grey colour was also chosen. In total, 2,000m² of external walls were coated with Monodex Smooth, of which 450m² were in Swire red.