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Flexcrete has launched a clear, water-based anti-carbonation coating which offers exceptional resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion.

We are pleased to announce we have launched a clear, water-based anti-carbonation coating which offers exceptional resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion.

Monodex Clear is a transparent, weather resistant, elastomeric coating for use where it is important to maintain the surface appearance of the concrete substrate, whilst still providing excellent anti-carbonation protection. Designed for application to external walls and faҫades, it is ideal for application to decorative concrete finishes, exposed aggregate panels, textured concrete, coloured concrete and other cementitious substrates. It is also suitable for other types of masonry and for the refurbishment of weathered tile facades. With an attractive, clear, satin gloss finish which sheds dirt and retains clarity throughout its long life, it is applied without a primer and significantly prolongs the maintenance free life of buildings and other structures.

Chris Lloyd, Director of Flexcrete Technologies Limited said: “We are excited about the launch of Monodex Clear as its performance characteristics are exceptional. Equivalent air layer resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion is a crucial parameter for clear anti-carbonation coatings and an effective barrier to CO2 diffusion is 50m. Monodex Clear exceeds the benchmark significantly by achieving an impressive 81m equivalent air layer thickness.

“Even though carbonation is a slow process, it will ultimately result in costly refurbishment if decorative concrete substrates are left without any defence against carbon dioxide ingress and the effects of general weathering,” he continued.

Monodex Clear incorporates an active encapsulated in-film biocide so combats against the growth of unsightly mould, mildew and lichens throughout its lifespan. It has a water-repellent and dirt resistant finish with excellent resistance to UV damage. Like other products in the Flexcrete range, Monodex Clear is water-based and offers the benefits of being low hazard, low VOC and virtually odourless so there is absolutely no disruption during application. Monodex Clear is successfully accredited to EN 1504-2, the pan European standard for concrete repair.

It is a single component coating so needs no complex mixing on-site and is a new addition to Flexcrete’s Monodex range of protective, decorative coatings. Other products in the range include Monodex Ultra (a 10 year system with a matt finish), Monodex Smooth (a 15 year system also with a matt finish), Monodex Textured (a 10 year system with a textured finish) and Monodex UVC (a 15 year UV cured coating).