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Food and drink production plants across Sweden

Biodex HB, a waterborne anti-bacterial and anti-microbial coating manufactured by Flexcrete, has become the refurbishment product of choice for Sweden’s leading food and drink manufacturing companies. Kopparberg Breweries AB, Sweden’s largest brewing company, and Scan, one of Northern Europe’s biggest meat manufacturing companies, are just some of the organisations who have refurbished their facilities using Biodex HB. Others include leading food and drink company Procordia and Ole Flensted AB, one of Sweden’s largest producers of potato products.

The organisations concerned have required hygienic protection and refurbishment of internal walls and ceilings in production and storage areas. In all instances, the number one priority was ensuring that food and drink products were not tainted during refurbishment, so the use of a low hazard, water-based product was critical. It was also important that the chosen product provided a seamless, hygienic, easy clean finish.

Biodex HB is a resin-rich, high build biostatic coating that benefits from the latest encapsulated protectant technology to ensure completely safe use and zero leaching into the surrounding environment. This latest generation of in-film protection allows for the ultra-slow controlled release of active ingredients into the coating film throughout its long life. Utilising the most modern chemistry, the Biodex HB membrane effectively prevents the growth of mould, bacteria and yeasts whilst forming a totally non-toxic film which does not taint items stored in close proximity. As Biodex HB is water-based, it does not release hazardous solvents or strong odour during application and minimal disruption is caused. Furthermore, the coating is highly elastomeric and vapour permeable and is able to withstand conditions of high humidity and extreme temperature changes without showing any signs of deterioration.

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