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Flexcrete's Tie-Hole Filler Chosen for Nuclear Project

An advanced repair mortar manufactured by Flexcrete has been chosen for a high security project being carried out for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority at Dounreay Nuclear Power Station in the Scottish Highlands.

Tiefill – a polymer modified, fibre reinforced, cementitious repair mortar – was specified to provide a rapid curing, high strength, waterproof filler for tie-holes formed by formwork bolts on new reinforced concrete waste storage tanks and a salt store. Dounreay Nuclear Power Station was first opened in the 1950’s and three nuclear reactors were subsequently constructed, however due to the high risk activity, all three reactors have since been shut down and nuclear power has not been generated at Dounreay since the 1990’s.

Dounreay Site Restoration Limited is currently carrying out clean-up and demolition work as part of decommissioning activities and Tiefill has been applied by Graham Construction. Tiefill rapidly cures, is non-toxic and meets stringent guidelines in place in the Nuclear Industry regarding the use of materials for new construction, to ensure the health and safety of operatives, employees and local residents. Due to its exceptional waterproofing properties, Tiefill will ensure the concrete waste storage tanks are watertight, preventing water ingress into the tanks and leakage from them. Tiefill is supplied as a single component system, requiring only the addition of clean water on-site, and it maintains high bond strength to the substrate, setting in only 30 minutes at 20°C. Tiefill has several independent accreditations, including certification to EN 1504, the pan European standard for concrete repair. Over 5 tonnes of Tiefill has already been supplied by distributor SIG Construction Accessories for this project.