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Textured Anti-Carbonation Coating Expands Monodex Range

We are delighted to confirm we have expanded our Monodex range of  external wall coatings by introducing Monodex Textured. Monodex Textured is a highly engineered, waterborne, single component, acrylic-based decorative anti-carbonation coating with an attractive textured finish.

Due to its high build, textured composition, it is ideal for use on buildings and other structures which have a rough, uneven finish with surface defects and imperfections. Monodex Textured will effectively disguise any defects and provide walls with a uniform appearance, vastly improving the aesthetic appearance of buildings.

As well as having an attractive textured finish, Monodex Textured is also highly protective. It waterproofs surfaces for at least 10 years, yet allows high levels of entrapped substrate moisture to escape without causing blistering or delamination. It also incorporates an advanced in-film, non-leaching biocide, inhibiting the growth of mould and algae for many years.

Suitable for application to external substrates, Monodex Textured is also for internal walls. The great advantage of Monodex Textured is that it is highly textured, and therefore able to hide many imperfections, yet it is very flexible and able to withstand substrate and thermal movement without cracking or flaking.

Like other coatings in the Monodex range, Monodex Textured is a low hazard, waterborne product and cures without releasing solvents or heavy odour. With Monodex Textured, different finishes can be created by the contractor using a variety of simple tools. For instance, diamond patterns, swirl designs or stippling effects are easily created due to the high build finish.