Project Location: Milford Marina, Milford Haven

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Concrete Repairs for Chloride Contaminated Marina

Repairs to Concrete Quay Suffering from Chloride Induced Corrosion


Milford Haven has been a port since the Middle Ages and became a Naval Dockyard during the early 19th century. Famous for its connections with Admiral Nelson and his romance with Lady Hamilton, in more recent times Milford Haven was recognised as one of Britain’s main fishing ports.

However, a once bustling fish dock is now a popular marina. Built over 60 years ago for fishing vessels to discharge their catch, Discovery Quay was suffering from chloride induced corrosion requiring concrete repairs and urgent remediation.

The Solution

Milford Haven Port Authority developed a schedule of repair methods in conjunction with Flexcrete. After the use of Steel Reinforcement Protector 841 on the cleaned rebars, large areas were re-instated using Monopour PC6. For areas away from the tidal zone and for smaller repairs, Monomix was specified, a structural grade, high build repair mortar which can be applied by hand in single layer thicknesses up to 80mm, even overhead.


Milford Haven Port Authority


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