Project Location: Malpas Jetty, Truro, Cornwall

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Concrete Repair and Protection of Reinforced Jetty

Repair and protection of a reinforced concrete jetty in a tidal zone.


Originally constructed in the 1980’s, the privately owned Malpas Jetty had been subject to constant exposure to sea water spray and tidal erosion.

As a consequence, urgent repairs had become necessary to make the structure safe and extend the service life, as large scale failure of the soffits and cross beams had occurred.

The Solution

The scale and complexity of the work dictated the use of a range of Flexcrete products. After a full diagnosis of the faults, all loose and defective concrete was cut out to reveal the steel reinforcement which was grit blasted to Sa 2½ and treated with two coats of Steel Reinforcement Protector 841. To reinstate the columns in the tidal zone, Marine Mortar S was chosen because of its early resistance to wash out. For other overhead repairs, the contractor used Monomix, a mediuim weight high build mortar for hand applied repairs. On completion of the repairs, all areas were treated with 2mm of Cementitious Coating 851 to provide long term chloride protection, thus significantly extending the service life.


Victoria Quay Residents Association