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Hesketh House, NHS Pensions Building, Fleetwood, Lancashire

Flexcrete products have an outstanding track record of use on office accommodation and commercial buildings all around the world and in one of our latest projects, our specialist structural mortars and decorative protective coatings have been used for the concrete repair and protection of an area spanning almost 1,000m² at Hesketh House in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Operated by the NHS Foundation Trust, Hesketh House is the administrative centre for the NHS Pension Scheme, the NHS Injury Benefits Scheme and the NHS Bursary Scheme. The NHS Pension Scheme is the largest centrally administered public service pension scheme in Europe and Hesketh House provides three-storey office accommodation for pension administrators who serve England and Wales.

Over time, the façade of Hesketh House had deteriorated as a result of factors such as carbonation attack, water penetration, freeze/thaw cycling and chloride penetration. Refurbishment work was carried out to enhance the design life of the building and to improve its external appearance. Repairs were needed to the concrete elements, parapets, lintels and column beams, and a decorative coating was required for overall aesthetic protection.

Flexcrete products were specified by Clancy Consulting and were applied by Balvac. Monolite, a lightweight, high build, easily trowellable cementitious mortar, was used for all areas requiring repair and to build the surface up to profile. Ideal for cosmetic work, it can be trowel applied up to 100mm to both vertical and horizontal surfaces in a single application. Supplied as a single pack product, it simply requires the addition of clean water on-site.

For overall decorative, anti-carbonation protection, Monodex Smooth, a water-based, elastomeric, high build coating, was applied. With a design life of at least 15 years before first maintenance is required, Monodex Smooth provides outstanding protection against carbonation and water ingress, yet allows damp substrates to breathe. Monodex Smooth is available in a range of attractive colours with special colours made to order, of which a special mushroom colour was created for this contract. Both Monolite and Monodex Smooth are CE marked in accordance with the demands of BS EN 1504.