Concrete refurbishment issues

Concrete Repair and Protection Specialists

Flexcrete has a long track record of providing outstanding solutions for concrete refurbishment. Our concrete protection range features engineering quality repair mortars that are ideal for refurbishing, protecting and waterproofing concrete on a wide range of structures. Indeed, Flexcrete’s concrete refurbishment solutions are ideal for use in a number of key industries. For example, our concrete repair and protection products are regularly specified and installed within the buildings and commercial construction sector, in the water industry and on civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

Concrete Refurbishment Expertise

At Flexcrete, our technical expertise lies in concrete refurbishment and we have an extensive range of concrete repair products that are specifically designed to solve complex structural problems. Our portfolio includes concrete repair mortars that can be applied up to 100mm in a single application, fast setting mortars designed for rapid reinstatement of heavily trafficked areas and cementitious coatings designed to reinstate low concrete cover; a simple 2mm application provides the equivalent of 100mm concrete cover. For a decorative, protective finish our Monodex anti-carbonation coatings are water-based, environmentally friendly and available in a wide range of attractive colours.

In addition, Flexcrete’s concrete repair products are CE marked and comply with the demands of EN 1504, the pan European standard for concrete repair, so can be relied upon with absolute confidence.

The Need for Concrete Refurbishment

Concrete refurbishment may be required for a variety of reasons, as even the most well designed concrete structures can be subjected to the aggressive attack from the elements. For example, factors such as carbonation, water penetration, chemical attack, freeze/thaw cycling and chloride attack can all lead to significant deterioration of precast and in-situ concrete, quickly leading to corrosion of the steel reinforcement. Periodic maintenance is therefore essential in order to ensure ongoing concrete protection and guarantee the original design life of building.

Flexcrete’s range of concrete refurbishment systems provides a reliable, long-term solution to concrete repair problems, enabling structural integrity to be effectively reinstated.


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