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Krsko Nuclear Plant Flexcrete

Since the world’s first full-scale nuclear power station was opened some 60 years ago, concrete has formed an integral part of the containment structure within nuclearplants. Over the years, Flexcrete’s concrete coating Cemprotec E942  has been involved in the refurbishment of many nuclear stations all around the world, the latest of which is the Krško Nuclear Power Plant in Vrbina, Slovenia.

Krško Nuclear Power Plant went into commercial operation in 1983 and was constructed as a joint venture between Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia which both formed part of Yugoslavia at the time. Krško provides more than 25% of Slovenia’s and 15% of Croatia’s power supply.

The plant supplied a record 6.2 billion kWh in 2010 and has a Westinghouse Nuclear Reactor in operation, the first such pressurised water reactor in eastern Europe. The plant’s operational life was designed to be 40 years and it is due to be decommissioned in 2023, but a 20-year extension is currently being sought. Krško is supervised and licensed by the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration (SNSA).

There are a number of reinforced concrete cooling towers at Krško which needed refurbishment, as factors such as atmospheric carbonation, freeze/thaw cycles, chloride attack and contact with exhaust gases and condensates had led to concrete degradation over the years.

Flexcrete Cemprotec E942 was chosen for this refurbishment project as it has an impressive international track record of use on structures in power plants globally and is proven to provide excellent waterproof, chemical resistant protection for many years. The work was carried out by EMSA d.o.o.

A waterborne, epoxy and polymer modified cementitious coating which is CE marked to meet the demands of BS EN 1504, Cemprotec E942 forms a hard, durable coating with exceptional resistance to water penetration, chloride ions, oxygen, impact damage and aggressive chemicals. Rapidly and easily applied over large areas by brush or spray at a thickness of 2mm, it is self-priming and only requires the very minimum amount of surface preparation. As Cemprotec E942 is water-based, it cures without the release of hazardous solvents or strong odour, and can therefore be applied in sensitive or confined areas with no fear of cross contamination.

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