High Performance Roof Coatings

Innovative, cold fluid applied coatings for warm, inverted and green roof systems.

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Waterproofing of Concrete Floors

Hard-wearing cementitious floor coatings with waterproof, abrasion & chemical resistance.

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Waterproofing of Roofs & Other Deck Areas

Our high build, waterborne liquid roof coating Roofdex HB provides long-lasting, weatherproof protection on both flat and pitched roofs. Suitable for both refurbishment and new build projects, it is compatible with a wide range of roofing substrates including asphalt, felt and concrete. It provides a completely seamless, waterproof barrier and is especially suited for use in extreme climatic conditions due to its ability to reflect sunlight and withstand temperature ranges from -50°C to +80°C without deterioration. We also offer a range of products for the waterproofing of green roofs, podium decks, floors and other deck areas such as our Cemprotec E-Floor system.