Monolevel 250F

Monolevel 250F is a fine grade polymer modified repair mortar for filling blow holes, cracks, surface defects & uneven surfaces.

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Monolevel 844SP

Engineering quality fairing coat to reinstate cover and provide a fair faced, waterproof and anticarbonation finish.

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Monolevel FC

Fairing coat for filling minor blow holes and defects prior to overcoating.

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Monolevel RM

Rendering and profiling of concrete to provide a fairfaced render finish.

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Fine grade polymer modified mortar for filling blow holes to produce a smooth finish.

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Fairing Coats & Renders

As part of our concrete repair and protection range, we have an extensive selection of fairing coats and renders. Our range includes Monolevel 844SP, an engineering quality fairing coat which reinstates concrete cover and provides a fair-faced, waterproof and anti-carbonation finish, Monolevel FC, a fairing coat which can be feather edged and Monolevel 250F, a fine grade fairing coat for existing painted surfaces and concrete prior to overcoating. We also offer Monolevel RM, a fibre reinforced render for brick or concrete. Many of our fairing coats and renders are CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504, the pan European standard for concrete repair, and we also offer products with approval for use on the London Underground.

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