Multi-directional reinforcing tape for cracks and joints


Cemprotec Flex-Tape is a woven polyamide tape designed for the reinforcing Flexcrete’s range of decorative protective coatings over cracks, joints and gaps.


  • Unique composition specially designed for use with Flexcrete membranes.
  • Will accommodate thermal and structural movement in widely varying conditions.
  • Easily cut to any length to reinforce a range of crack sizes.
  • Tough, flexible polyamide mesh gives multi-directional tensile strength enhancement.
  • Enhances the naturally elastomeric properties of the Flexcrete membrane.
  • Fast, easy and consistent embedment ensures rapid installation on site.

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Uses Application Method Application Thickness Performance Pack Yield

Covering small, static cracks and joints. Covering larger cracks and joints which are subject to movement and spanning joints between dissimilar substrates.

  • Apply ca. 500µm embedment coat of membrane
  • Apply ca. 600µm embedment coat of membrane

Light Duty 30g/m2Heavy Duty 70g/m2

  • ≥ 45% Transverse Elongation
  • ≥ 250% Transverse Elongation
  • 5cm wide roll x 50m length
  • 7.5cm wide roll x 50m length
  • 15cm wide roll x 50m length

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