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Cemprotec EF Grit

Quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems Overview Cemprotec EF Grit is a quartz aggregate for abrasion and skid resistance within E-Floor systems.

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Full Package of Repair & Protection Products for Jetty

Extensive Remedial Work Required on Electricity Pylon Jetty. Background A Complex Project Requiring a Single Source Solution This was a complex project and Flexcrete products were chosen as we could supply a full package of products for concrete repair, anti-carbonation, levelling and anti-slip deck protection. Once the defective concrete was cut out on the legs… Read more

Waterproofing Concrete Floors at Birmingham New Street Station

Waterproofing of 3,000m² of floor areas. Background Birmingham New Street is the primary railway station serving Birmingham. Currently undergoing a £600 million redevelopment scheme known as Gateway Plus, New Street is the second busiest railway station in the UK outside London. Situated above New Street Station is the Pallasades Shopping Centre which provides the first… Read more

Waterproofing Concrete Floors at Roosecote Power Station

Waterproofing of internal floors. Background Roosecote Power Station is a gas-fired and former coal-fired power station situated in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. The current power station was the UK’s first Combined Cycle Gas Turbine unit (CCGT) supplying electricity to the National Grid. The entire facility is protected by a fire sprinkler system, including the corridors which carry control cables above the… Read more

Concrete Repair and Waterproofing of Deck Area of Ambulance Station

Installation of waterproof friction wearing course and associated concrete repair works. Background After years of heavy duty wear and attack from de-icing salts deposited from the underside of ambulances during the winter, the elevated deck required a replacement waterproof friction wearing course and the approach ramps needed waterproofing prior to reasphalting. Water leakage was occurring through the deck… Read more

Waterproofing System for Concrete Roof at King’s Cross Station

Waterproofing of reinforced concrete roof over a plant room. Background Opened in 1852, King’s Cross Station now handles 47 million passengers a year and is famous as the departure point for the Hogworts’ Express in the Harry Potter films. To prepare for the 2012 Olympics, £400m has been allocated for upgrading, with the Eastern Range being converted into offices… Read more

Waterproofing Floors in the New Holiday Inn Express Hotel

Temporary waterproofing of floor areas allowing construction work to continue overhead. Background Having made the commitment to build a new Holiday Inn Express, it is imperative that construction is completed in the fastest possible time without compromising the high standards quality required by the Client. In order to maximise efficiency on site at Banbury, the… Read more

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Concrete Repair and Protection in the Rail Industry

Many of the UK’s major rail stations and much of its infrastructure are undergoing significant renovation. Chris Lloyd discusses the use of effective anti-corrosion and engineered protection. The Government is committing billions of pounds to improving the rail network. As a large part of this infrastructure is over 100 years old, extensive maintenance is required to make it fit for purpose, during… Read more

Concrete Floor Repairs and Flooring Solutions in the Rail Sector

Flooring surfaces in today’s railways are subject to heavy demands, and many were simply not designed to withstand the current footfall, impact and abrasion. Chris Lloyd demonstrates how innovative solutions for enhancing concrete floors in refurbishments and new builds can make all the difference to durability and safety. There are many signs that concrete floor… Read more