Project Location: Stokkaveien 61, Stavanger, Norway

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Flexcrete's Monodex Smooth was specified as the anti-carbonation coating for external walls and balcony areas at Stokkveien 61, Stavanger, Norway.

Decorative Anti-Carbonation Paint for External Walls and Balcony Areas.


Stokkaveien is a series of social housing accommodation blocks located in Stavanger, one of the most populated cities in Norway. Comprising three storeys with balconies, the external walls are of plastered brick construction previously painted with a silicate product. The client was seeking to enhance the appearance of block number 61 with an anti-carbonation protective coating that would be able to adhere to the existing substrate and provide excellent, long-lasting protection against the elements.

Some 10 years previously, a Flexcrete anti-carbonation coating was specified for application to the external walls of another block in the Stokkaveien complex. It has performed so well over the years that one of Flexcrete’s latest generation membranes was subsequently chosen for this project.

The Solution

Monodex Smooth, an advanced, waterborne, high build, anti-carbonation coating with a smooth finish, was specified for application to the external walls and balcony areas of this accommodation block. With a design life of up to 15 years and CE marked to BS EN 1504, the pan European standard for concrete repair, it has an elastomeric formulation and can withstand substrate and thermal movement without deteriorating. It is exceptionally fast drying and two coats can be applied on the same day all year round, even in aggressive climatic conditions. The waterborne nature of Monodex Smooth was a critical consideration for this project, as it releases no hazardous solvents and has minimal odour so there was no disruption to residents during the coating work.

As Monodex Smooth incorporates an active in-film fungicide which inhibits the growth of mould and fungi, it ensures buildings maintain a bright, clean appearance throughout its design life. It is available in a range of colours with special colours made to order, and three complimentary colours were chosen by the client. Monodex Smooth has totally transformed the appearance of Stokkaveien 61 and this particular building looks outstanding against similar blocks coated with silicate paints.


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